Child torture, child murder in Africa

Version 1.1, February 2010

Here some links on child torture and child murder inAfrica. Compared to this much worse moral problem, all theattention on a few child prostitutes is but moralgrandstanding. Grandstanding, too, because working on themoral problem of child prostitution guarantees hugepublicity and media fame with an absolute minimum ofeffort and danger. We all know that the media anywhere inthe world loves sex topics. But if readers are presentedwith real moral problems, they may not have the appetite tobuy a newspaper the next day. Cheap trick number 1 ifanybody wants international fame on the moral front: dealwith the juicy topic of child prostitution.

DRC: Children suffer torture, rape and cruelty, NGOs report

Amnesty deplores African rights record

Uganda's civil war targets children

Mauritania's deadly daily poverty

Ethiopia’s children dying from malnutrition

Crisis in Darfur

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